5 thoughts on “Free Downloads”

  1. bdhealinghands@gmail.com
    I jst found your 6 video how to low content books.
    Sooo thrilled to find it – thank you
    some issues
    can not download free lined journal pages

    I also tried signing up for your udemy course- depending on price
    but I could not get the link to work
    Thanks for all y ou do.
    Berenice Davey

    1. Just found your messages Berenice, thank you so much for letting me know. I will fix those problems right now, so hopefully everthing will be in working order. Thank you again!

    1. Thank you again for letting me know Berenice, all this is also very new to me and I am still figuring out how to put things on the website in a way that is working for all users, your comment has helped me figure it out, many thanks.

  2. Again update.
    i came back to try agoan to download.
    Just clicking on the word download – nothing happens – it just flickers.
    For some reason my fingers decided to right click
    Immediately the zip folder was downloaded.
    So thank very much – perhaps an instruction on the page would save you from Apple like me
    keep sending you help me messages.
    Thank you – thinks that deals with all the questions i sent earlier.
    No need to reply thanks, sure you have enough todo 🙂
    Keep safe and well.
    Cheers Berenice

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