KDP Low Content Book Ideas for Spring and Summer

Coming up with low content book ideas and niches can be tricky, but you can also have a lot of fun with this.

I love to help people make money from home so I wanted to share some great low content book ideas that you can use for Quarter 2. Now is a great time to start producing low content books for spring and summer.

You can download my completely free marketing calendar which shows you all the important events that are coming up in the year, so that you can target your marketing towards it. We can also use important dates and events in the year to get some book ideas. 

I’d recommend looking at events that are coming up in 2 months’ time or more, to give yourself enough time to create and upload a book. Amazon can often take weeks to review a book, so giving yourself enough time in advance to create, upload and publish a book using Amazon KDP is important.

So, let’s look at what events are coming up in May

o Star Wars Day

o Cinco de Mayo

o Mother’s Day (USA)

o International Nurses’ Day

o World Cocktail Day

o World Baking Day

o World Bee Day

o PGA Golf Championship

o Chelsea Flower Show

o National Biscuit Day (UK)

o Spring Public Holiday (UK)

You might notice a trend in the list above. At this time of year, things are starting to get warmer. In Spring, Gardening is very popular. If you know a little bit about gardening already, that’s a great start for producing a planner.

Let’s take a look at the calendar for June

o Beginning of Summer

o Pride Month

o World Gin Day

o National Beer Day (UK)

o Father’s Day

o International Day of Yoga

o Summer Solstice

o Glastonbury Festival

o Tour de France

o Wimbledon Tennis

o Amazon Prime Day

June is the beginning of summer. Summer related activities like camping and travel are going to be popular, especially as we start to plan holidays/vacations again after a lot of cancellations in the last few years in the pandemic.

This is also a busy month for retail, especially in the UK. Take advantage of Amazon Prime Day in June, and any sales that may come up for you in your region. There are a few gift giving holidays in Q2, so don’t forget to include ‘gifts’ in your keywords.

Enjoy the process!

Create books that you want to create, and don’t be put off completely by competition or keyword research. If you find a niche that you would buy from yourself that means that there will be other people out there that would buy your book.

It’s also helpful to make low-content books about subjects that you understand well or enjoy. Not only will this make the process fun for you, but it will ensure you know what you’re doing. If you have a blog, or a niche website you can also use links to and promote any books you create in that niche!

I hope you found this helpful and make use of the free marketing calendar. I wish you lots of success creating books for the coming months.


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